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Who we are,

A small firm focusing on Growing People, located in Oman. Eighty-Three Consultancy was founded in 2020 during the pandemic, when People and Organizational requirements demanded change in their work cultures and experienced a shift in their purpose. Eighty-Three was established to fill this gap by providing people centric strategies.

Founded by Rasha Dawood, An Omani professional in Education & Talent Management, with 18 years of diverse experience. Her career exposure to international and local companies, enabled her to understand corporate, government and community cultures. This knowledge and experience is translated into ethically designed working methods that elevate and empower Omanis through different platforms.

She is a passionate agent of change, and prefers to focus on the process of creating awareness for inclusiveness and versatility. She adds value in terms of understanding the knowledge and skills required to navigate through ambiguity and is able to translate these into meaningful programs resulting in sustainable business results.

Lately, she has been navigating the business landscape of innovation and entrepreneurships, working closely with Family Business, SMEs & Startups designing strategies that align teams and people to organizational objectives.

Our Strategy is built on two pillars, Recruitment & Development.

Recruitment & Selection: Our approach to Recruitment & Selection minimizes the gap by fostering a relationship between the candidate and company, thus initiating social connections in addition to professional ones. This methodology is founded on building strong foundations providing a continuous talent pipeline to engage with.

Development:Development dominates culture when its simple. An organization can sustain growth when learning is part of their behavioral framework and is ingratiated in work systems to empower growth, efficiency and innovation.

Our strategy is to present learning frameworks in our processes that are founded on international leadership and teaming standards. These learning structures sustain organizational and individual growth that lead to organizational transformation.

The way we work, Purpose & Vision.

Purpose: Growing people is a metaphor for a Tree that is slowly growing to fruition signifying slow, steady and sustainable growth, through a changing landscape. We follow this approach when we engage with our clients; we select the seeds carefully, securely plant them and nurture them to fulfillment.

Vision: We are Growing People with knowledge and awareness, to become inclusive, versatile and adaptable, by embracing change & ambiguity. We are empowering our clients to become more flexible and people centric – to create a healthier and sustainable culture.

Dr. Leigh de Bruin,

Leigh is an accomplished executive with a 20+ year track record in successful strategic leadership specifically in strategy, culture change, employee engagement and executive coaching across a multitude of global markets and organizations.

During her time in the GCC region, she has been passionately committed to the improvement of organizational and individual transformation and has positively transformed companies and individuals across a range of industries including financial services, telecommunication, oil and gas, construction, automotive and logistics.

Over the past 12 years she has successfully consulted to and coached leaders internationally across Asia, Europe, the GCC, South Africa and the USA

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