About Us

We believe in growing people

By paying it forward

As Omani professionals who have climbed the corporate ladders in several international, regional and local organizations, we have been exposed to and have acquired over time gems of knowledge and truths of industries, not to mention we have witnessed and helped in the makings of great Leaders. Therefore, we see ourselves as a platform of Knowledge Sharing and Awareness


Eighty-Three Consultancy believes engaging with People is more than just a hiring & development process. We provide services based on building culture, fostering values and working towards shared purpose.


Organizations are struggling to attract and retain talent. It is a common problem echoed by many talent seekers in our current growing market.
We have developed a strategy that empowers both the Employer and the Talent market in building a relationship based on mutual growth.


Our work is based on our Values: Loyalty, Transparency & Fun. Alongside this framework all our approaches on international standards introduced by global organizations.

Core values

Our behavioral framework


Loyalty is our commitment to the relationships we choose to engage with, ensuring they reach their purpose.


Transparency is our consistency in having authentic conversations to overcome challenges and grow.


We choose to have Fun and find joy in everything we do.

Our Clients Thoughts


“I wanted to write to you to thank you for your immensely impactful insights. Your sessions in Lisbon were transformational, and they really gave me a strong edge in interviews and discussions that followed. It was important to me to learn to declare and to portray myself correctly. Thank you very much once again, your mentoring made all the difference!”

Mohd M

“Through the course social styles by Rasha Dawood we were able to gain valuable insights on our roles and duties as leaders, whether you are an entrepreneur or a family member, through her energetic presence and thought provoking queries, Rasha was able to make us – attendees – realize new possibilities of self development.”

Hussain A

“The social style workshop was so different than any workshop. It showed me what kind of leader am i and what works for me. It is good to know where are your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on it for the future. It really helped me get to know myself more and I would recommend it for teams as well, as it helps you know the person you’re working with better”

Ghadeer Al Thuhli