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Leigh is an accomplished executive with a 20+ year track record in successful strategic leadership specifically in strategy, culture change, employee engagement and executive coaching across a multitude of global markets and organizations.

During her time in the GCC region, she has been passionately committed to the improvement of organizational and individual transformation and has positively transformed companies and individuals across a range of industries including financial services, telecommunication, oil and gas, construction, automotive and logistics.
Over the past 12 years she has successfully consulted to and coached leaders internationally across Asia, Europe, the GCC, South Africa and the USA

Dr Leigh de Bruin

Managing Partner

“We change the world by helping individuals and organizations achieve their vision. Our comprehensive learning and corporate soft skills programs help people create amazing relationships and build high-performing organizations.”


known as the Social Intelligence Company


SOCIAL STYLE® is used by thousands of global organizations because it’s the most effective to Learn, Remember and Apply. Decades of research into workplace success have shown that all people have preferred ways of acting, thinking and making decisions. Understanding those preferences, and applying Versatility strategies, helps you determine the best way to successfully interact with everyone.

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Anil is a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He has a diverse experience of 25 years in the corporate world. He started his career with Xerox in India where he held positions in customer service, total quality and organizational development. Anil subsequently was at GE where he was the regional learning leader and also ran a global service business. Since then he has held the role of the Chief Learning Officer at Reliance Infocomm, Vice President of Organizational Development and Knowledge Management at HP and Executive Director of People Development and Operational Excellence at Dell.

Since 2008 Anil has been an entrepreneur in the space of organizational and leadership development. He was actively involved with setting up and running Linkage India a global leader in leadership development. Anil is currently the CEO of LeadEdge a company he founded in 2012.

LeadEdge is a global consortium of world class partners in the field of Leadership Development, Social Intelligence, Design Thinking and Executive Coaching.

LeadEdge provides expertise and solutions in the area of organizational and leadership development to corporates across the globe. Anil helps clients with accelerating change, developing strategic alignment and capacity, developing leaders who maximize return on involvement and shaping a growth culture across the organization.

Anil is also an executive coach and is a graduate of the Columbia Coaching Program.

Anil Sharma

Founder & CEO