Web Summit – Lisbon, Portugal

After working with Oman Technology Fund (OTF) for a few months as a Mentor on their Acceleration Program, Rasha Dawood was signed to deliver an Internationally Certified Behavior Program to a few of their selected Founders. The Founders have been enrolled in an ongoing acceleration program run by OTF where Mentors and Subject Matter Experts are available to support, guide and accelerate their growth.

The behavior program Social Styles was run in Lisbon, Portugal for two different cohorts, each batch consisting of 15 Founders. The program delivered was developed by Merrill & Reid focuses on understanding the most common social behavior styles and fostering stronger interpersonal skills. All in the aim of strengthening communication, increasing synergy, and building a mindful working environment.
Merrill’s approach emphasizes the interrelationships between behavior and social style, encouraging participants to consider how their actions influence other’s. The program highlights four primary social styles: Analytical, Amiable, Driving, and Expressive. Participant’s deep dive into each style and are then coached to compare and contrast with their own styles, as a starting point for potential improvement and increased versatility.

Before the Founders travelled to Portugal to attend Web Summit, they were asked to respond to a self-reflection survey and forward the survey to 5 colleagues. Once the responses are collected, a report is generated identifying the participants own Social Behavior Style and their level of observed Versatility. Upon completion of the workshop, the findings in the generated reports are used to create a personal development plans for the participants, highlighting strengths and areas of growth in their behavior and interaction with others.

The program received a lot of positive comments and feedback as it exposed the participants to something new: Understanding Behavior. They highlighted that most of their focus was on business development, technical training and fundraising, but little to none on leadership, management, teaming & communication. As this is a certified program, it also added value to their personal development as leaders and their profiles as growing influencers.