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Consulting Services

Talent Management & People Business Strategies

Before deciding on a strategy, it is imperative that clients have
clarity of vision and a deep understanding of their options. During our
Consulting we will advise and guide on navigating legal frameworks
and designing a holistic integrated people strategy. Encompassing
strategies from HR Business Planning, L&D programs Rewards &
Benefits benchmarking. .

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring are a personalized approach that aim to help
people grow, develop, and achieve their full potential either professionally
or personally.
Sometimes the two concepts are misinterpreted and are used
interchangeably – however:

Coaching aims at helping people reach their full
potential in their chosen area of focus. It
is an empowering tool that enables people to
confidently find their purpose, map out
their journey, and break barriers.

Mentoring is an approach that focuses on providing
support, feedback & knowledge sharing to the Mentored
regarding a specific issue that’s blocking their professional

It is a very focused approach that aims at improving task-
execution, competency & behavioral frameworks.